How many side effects of chocolate diet are there?

Chocolate is always thought as the reason of weight gaining, pimples and more. But some researches, articles and books claimed that chocolate is not a reason of gain weight but it’s a good food for losing weight. After books and researches, media focused on chocolate diet and wrote various chocolate diet success stories like “morbidly obese man lost 20lbs in six month with chocolate diet.” But after six months of chocolate diet’s popularity, dieticians started to force people to leave chocolate diet because it became very dangerous for many people. How many side effects of chocolate diet are there?

Main problem of chocolate diet is lack of fat and protein. Lots of dieticians offer diet chocolates but they never provide enough info about ingredients. Especially if product is in the diet ads, it’s impossible to find protein and fat values. Most of the chocolate diets include limitless fruit, pasta and vegetable but they have no protein or oil inside these products. According to health organizations, a human need to eat healthy oils of 2 teaspoons and protein of 6 ounces per day.
Another problem of chocolate diet is in the calorie intake level. A healthy woman has to take at least 2000 calories per day and if she wants to lost weight in a healthy way, the calorie amount she gets is at most 500. Most of the chocolate diets offer 1000 to 1100 calories and it’s very low. After 1 week, body will start to show reaction to calorie amount.

Also expense is a problem for most of chocolate dieters. All people think that chocolate is possible to find cheap in markets. But chocolate diets offer only selected chocolates like diet chocolates with expensive prices or quality chocolates. It’s important because choosing a high calorie cheap chocolate is not healthy. Also chocolate diet is some complicated and needs books, reviews and some additional foods. So you have to buy various things when you start to chocolate diet.
Life style problems are also a side effect of chocolate diet. Diets mainly offer a healthy and sustainable way of new eating habits and lifestyle but chocolate diet only offers pasta and chocolate and it’s not sustainable. Also chocolate diet doesn’t help to balance metabolism speed while others try to do it. So balance problems after diet will result some extra weight.
Also eating chocolate continuously may break sugar balance and insulin resistance in body. It will not affect weight loss while eating chocolate continuously but body will start to want more chocolate when dieter left it.

Chocolate diet supporters show flavonoids in cocoa beans as a healthier product especially for heart but researches about flavonoids is still continuing and benefit of them is not still a scientific truth. Best thing known about flavonoid is its relaxing effect in body but flavonoid makes it by vein relaxation way and it causes lower blood pressure.
Also eating chocolate in dinner and lunch may be good but eating chocolate in morning is a rare habit. So dieter always needs to find something to mix with chocolate in the morning.
Dieter of chocolate diet must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water. It’s not a health problem for a standard dieter but if dieter doesn’t drink it in chocolate drink, hydration process will not be completed and dieter will start to complain some stomach problems. Also allergy problems and pancreas diseases may be triggered by chocolate diet. People with diabetes must never start chocolate diet because it’s very dangerous for them and won’t help to weight loss.

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