How Many Languages are there in the world?

The development of the Language

In order to communicate with each other from the beginning of the history people have been using different ways. In some part of the history they use the mimics and then with the development of the humanity people start to use the language. supporting-foreign-language-instruction-at-home


. So how do the people start to talk and how do they develop the language. It can be said that there is no concrete source of the language about how it is started to use by the people but most probably the process is started to the producing sounds of the people and then the people start to combine the sounds and then at the end of the process the people start to use the language in an exact way and then people start to find to the script and from that time on people have been developing themselves from the point of communication. There are some descriptions of the language in accordance with the different people’s views. Let’s look at some of them. For instance; there is a definition of language and in that definition the experts say that language is a tool and that tool is used by people in order to communicate between people in this regard it can be said that a language is a combination of rules that the sounds are combined and this combination is different from people’s mimics. On the other hand there are some other sayings; another saying is that language is a tool for people in order to express their feelings or the thoughts that are available on their brains. Another saying is that language is the set of rules and these rules there are signs and all of these signs are depended on the signs that are available in the brain the explanation of this is that every word that we say has a response in our brains.



 The Number of Languages that are in the world

When we look at the whole world there are billions of people and there are hundreds of communities in this regard there are also lots of languages. In accordance with the current resources that are done by the experts there are about 250 languages in the world that are spoken currently. The reason why there are lots of languages is that in the different regions of the world there are lots of communities that are smaller than a country. Especially in the region of Africa there are lots of small tribes and they are speaking different languages from one another. When we think about the history of the world, there are hundreds of languages that are in the history but we see that most of these languages are missed maybe because of the communities being destroyed maybe there are lots of other reasons such as assimilation of the communities and the languages. Today in the world the most speaking language is English and Chinese because of the power of the countries and the population of those countries.


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