How many graphic cards are there in AMD Radeon HD series?

Radeon is the name of AMD’s graphic processor units. Radeon brand is used by ATI Technologies in 2000 and acquired to AMD in 2006. After acquire to AMD is completed, company changed the name of Radeon to Radeon HD. ATi Radeon HD 2000/3000 Series became so successful that Nvidia and some rival companies suddenly released new graphic cards close to specifications of ATi Radeon HD 2000/3000. After August 2010, AMD changed the name again and called it as “ATI Radeon” Today there are graphic cards of same company with different names. How many graphic cards are there in AMD Radeon HD series?

There are 6 graphic cards in the market with Radeon HD nickname. Latest member of series is Radeon HD8000. Series has 8 members as HD 8350, HD 8400, HD 8570 Series, HD 8670, HD 8760, HD 8870, HD 8950 and HD 8970. Strongest and most expensive member of series is HD 8970. It’s using Graphics Core Next architecture. Also supporting DirectX 11.1. According to AMD, graphic card is using 384-bit memory interface but some benchmark websites calculated it as 256 bit. Also memory support of graphic card is GDDR5. According to tests, total bandwith of memory is up to 6.0Gbps and it’s an incredible number. Also AMD used their new technologies like AMD ZeroCore Power Technology and AMD PowerTune Technology in the board of this graphic card.

AMD HD7000 series is another popular graphic cards series of company. AMD released some versions of AMD HD7000 series as GHZ editions. Most popular and most sold member of HD7000 series is HD 7850 Graphics. Most important feature of Radeon HD7850 is its support of DirectX® 11.1. Also AMD and many tech websites found the new 28nm GCN Architecture as revolutionary. Also after criticized on 3D support and development, AMD created AMD Eyefinity technology and applied it to this graphics card. It’s the fastest device of AMD supporting stereo 3D. Tech sites made benchmark on AMD CrossFire™ technology on this graphics card and find it very suitable to other AMD graphics card for double usage. Also graphics card is supporting AMD PowerTune technology and faster 4k video performance.
AMD released 14 total graphic cards in Radeon HD6000 series. Latest member of series is Radeon HD6970. After new series, prices of these series fall some and many low budget users bought them. According to tech sites, AMD Radeon HD6970 is one of the ideal graphic cards for people who want high performance as possible in low budget. Graphics card is supporting DirectX® 11 but it’s controversial to use it with DirectX® 11.1. Also it’s supporting all new technologies of AMD like AMD Eyefinity Technology, AMD App Acceleration, AMD CrossFireX™ Technology and AMD PowerPlay™ Technology. Also it’s possible to use experimental AMD HD3D Technology with this device. Some users found the system requirements of device like 550 Watt power supply, at least AMD Radeon™ HD 6900 Series Graphics card for AMD CrossFireX™ system and new Bridge Interconnect cable.
AMD Radeon HD5000 series have 11 graphic cards in its category. It has DirectX® 11 support. Also it supports most of the new AMD technologies like ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology, ATI Stream acceleration technology and ATI Avivo™ HD Video & Display technology. Max resolution of card is 2560×1600. AMD released certified drivers for Windows 7 but Windows 8 support is still experimental.
Some tech sites rumored that AMD will release a new series with a new name in 2014 but AMD sources didn’t approve these rumors still. AMD is also working on AMD Radeon HD 7790 with a lower price on $149.

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