How Many Series of the Video Game of Half-Life are there?

With the rapid developments in the field of the hardware and software of the computers in last years it is possible to see lots on new innovations are there in the field of the video games. Especially, in last twenty years as we said before with the rapid development in the field of computers the video game field has become a market all around the whole world.


And on the other hand it is possible that it can be seen lots of popular games all around the whole world that are played by the millions of people and again it is possible to see that there are millions of people who are addicted these types of games. When we look at the last two decades, we can see that the first person shooter games are the most popular and are the most played games all around the whole world when we look at the reasons of them it can be seen that the games has lots of adventure within them and there are lots of terror inside these types of games on this point people have to be careful about their children when they are playing the games. The children shouldn’t be let to play these types of games. In last ten and fifteen years we can see that maybe one of the most popular and the most beautiful game in accordance with the people is the video game of Half-Life, again we can see that this is the game of first person shooter and from the years we can see the development of the game. Now we are going to make a short analysis about the video game of Half-Life.


The Development of the Video Game of Half-Life


The producer of the video game of the Half-Life is the company of Valve and when we look at the success of the game we can see that in the year of 1998 it is the best first person shooter game all around the world. From this information we can see how popular the game in the world. It is started to distribute by the company of Sierra Studios on the 18 November 1998 and the legend is started on that date and up to now it has been continuing. After some time the game is adapted to the Playstation 2 in the year of 2001. When we look at the series of the video game of Half-Life we can see that there are 7 different series of the game. These are:

1998    Half-Life

1999    Half-Life: Opposing Force

2001    Half-Life: Blue Shift

2001    Half-Life: Decay

2004    Half-Life 2

2006    Half-Life 2: Episode One

2007    Half-Life 2: Episode Two


The people who are playing the game are most probably going to be addictive to this game after playing some time and because of this reason the game is bought by millions of the people all around the whole world. For example; the people who are buying the a series of game are buying the next series of the game because of being addictive to that game.


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