How Many Roses are produced for the Valentine’s Day?

What do you think about the special days that are available in the some times of the year? Do you like to do something different to your boyfriend of girlfriend? What is your idea about the Valentine’s Day? As all we know the 14 of the February is celebrated by the millions of the people all around the whole world and this day millions of the people are buying the different gifts in order to make their lover happy. And on the other hand as all we know the most common gift for the lovers is the rose. It can be said that the red rose represents the love and in order to express the love feelings, people are buying and giving the roses to their lovers. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the history of the Valentine’s Day and we will look at the number of the roses that are produced for the Valentine’s Day all around the whole world. Let’s start from the history of the Valentine’s Day.


The History of the Valentine’s Day


As all we know, for each special day in the year is based upon an event or a people and at this point the Valentine’s Day is based upon some different events and the people. All around the whole world, in accordance with the statistics that are done the current years around the 1 billion postcards are sent by the people all around the whole world. When we look at the history of the Valentine’s Day we can see some dramatic events. Once upon a time the marriage of the men and the women are prohibited by the government in accordance with the legend. And in the day of 14 of the February the friar whose name is Valentine is killed and because of that reason people start to celebrate that day as Valentine’s Day and from the time to the today people have been celebrating it by doing the different traditions and but buying the different gifts for their lovers. With the rapid development of the technology, people are sending the electronic post cars and they can send flowers to their lovers via the internet.

Today, all around the whole world, the people are meeting with their lovers and they are doing some activities and they are giving that day to each other. When you go to the streets all around the whole world, it is inevitable that you can see the lovers in all around the whole streets. As we said before the symbol of the love is the rose and they are buying that kind of the flowers to each other and when we look at the statistics that are done currently by the professional people for the Valentine’s Day 196 million roses are produced and in that day people are buying the roses and we can say that 14 of the February is the only day that the roses are sold mostly in a year.


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