How Many Pyramids are there in the Egypt?

From the point of the tourism in the world there are hundreds of places and each year from the different regions of the world are visiting these different beautiful places. On this point we can count hundreds of places that is popular all around the whole world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the Pyramids of Egypt. It is one of the wonders of the world and each year from the different regions of the world millions of people are coming to the Egypt in order to see these unique structures. First, let’s look at the history of the Pyramids of Egypt.piramit

The History of the Pyramids of Egypt


When we look at the history of the Pyramids, we can see that they are based upon the middle and old kingdoms of the Egypt and they are used as the tombs of the Pharaohs and old Egyptian people are believing that they are divine for them because of the fact that as their gods Pharaohs are resting on there. About the Pyramids of Egypt there are lots of different interesting stories. For example people are believing that there are gold in the Pyramids of Egypt and when a person comes into the Pyramids he or she is dying from the poisonous gas because of emitting from the that gold. Another interesting thing about the pyramids is that in spite of the developments in the field of the technology especially in last two decades people can not solve how the pyramids are structured. They have very complicated structure that it is very difficult to solve them, up to now anybody can solve the secret of them. Approximately, on the structure of the pyramids 200.000 people work and they give all of the power of them for this work and when the skeletons of the workers are investigated in the region of the pyramids it is easily seen that their skeletons are exposed to a great power and people are thinking that the people who are working in the buildings of the pyramids carry the great stones to the pyramids.



On the other hand there is another myth between the people, they are saying that the old Egyptians have very developed carriage systems and thanks to these systems they could carry the stones of the pyramids and as a result of this they succeed in to building such a great structure. When we look at the regions that the pyramids are so dense we can see that Egypt is the only place that lots of pyramids are placed, in the different regions of the world there are some pyramids but Egypt is the only one that is popular for their pyramids. The number of the pyramids are investigated by the experts and on the result of their investigation they reach that there are approximately 118 pyramids are there and these are the biggest pyramids on the other hand there are also other tiny pyramids except for them.


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