How many products are allowed in Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a popular modern diet. It’s inspired from recipes and kitchen culture of Spain, Greece and Italy. UNESCO recognized Mediterranean Diet as cultural heritage of Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco kitchen. Although deep inspirations from these cuisines, modern Mediterranean diet is not completely taken from Mediterranean cuisine. For example, lard and butter are very popular in Italy cuisine but modern Mediterranean diet is limiting them. Today there are many versions of modern Mediterranean diet and most known one is work of Dr Walter Willett of Harvard University’s School of Public Health. According to Willett, 25% to 35% of calories must come from total fat and at most %8 of calories must come from saturated fat. How many products are allowed in Mediterranean Diet?

Grains, vegetables and fruits are the big three of modern Mediterranean Diet and they must be eaten in almost all meals. They are the vitamin, fiber and energy sources of diet. Also they have an important role for weight control in modern Mediterranean diet. Some grain types are only allowed in modern Mediterranean diet. They are whole grains like corn, rice, oats, barley and wheat. They must be used in minimally-processed forms. They are vitamin and mineral sources of diet. Vegetables are important part of diet because they have many nutrients but also they are cooking with olive oil. modern Mediterranean Diet is also allowing to eat raw vegetables. Fresh fruits are very important in modern Mediterranean Diet. Also people can drink fruit juice they must not be sugar added. Also fresh juice must be drink under control and their calory must be same to whole fruit. Also modern Mediterranean Diet is not allowing fruit “drinks”.

Olives and olive oil are the central items of modern Mediterranean Diet. Olives must be eaten whole at most meals and olive oil must be used for all cooking. Also it must used for dressing vegetables and dressing salads. Olive and olive oil are health-promoting fat, micronutrient and phytonutrient source of modern Mediterranean Diet. Nuts, legumes, beans and seeds are the healthy fat and protein source of diet. Also they must be used for flavoring Mediterranean dishes. Spices and herbs must be used in both dressing and cooking. They must be used especially for reducing salt without breaking the taste. Herbs and spices are antioxidant source of modern Mediterranean Diet.
Cheese and yoghurt are traditional foods in Mediterranean cuisine but they must be used under control in modern Mediterranean Diet. Even limited, they must be used because calcium is one of the most important titles for heart and bones. Nonfat dairy products or low fat products can be chosen for modern Mediterranean Diet.
Fish and shellfish are the healthy protein sources of modern Mediterranean Diet. Also they have important omega-3 fatty acids. It’s very traditional to fry or batter the fish and shellfish but modern Mediterranean Diet is now allowing it. Only way to cook them in diet is cooking them in owen. Eggs are also allowed but they must be used under control. Egg is the main advise for people who use modern Mediterranean Diet but not eat meat.
Modern Mediterranean Diet is allowing only small portions of meat on meals. Especially red meat must be consumed in little portions because of high levels of saturated fat in it. Many people prefer to clean oily side of meat before cooking it. Wine is also an important part of Modern Mediterranean Diet. It’s allowed as up to two five-ounce glasses for men and up to one five-ounce glass of wine per day for women.

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