How Many Facebook Users are there in the World?

The Development of Facebookfacebook1


With the development of the computer industry and widespread increasing of the internet access especially last two decades, computer and the internet take very important place in people’s lives. It can be said that, computer is no longer possible in everywhere. People are using them in order to organize their works, to hold their folders and documents and they are using it to communicate with each other and to entertain. . In this work we will focus on the communication and entertaining sides of the using internet. As we know, in last decade there were lots of communication and chat programs for people, some of them were: ICQ, MSN Messenger, Skype (Still available) and there were lots…But in last six or seven years, Facebook has become the most popular communication and social site among all internet sites and communication software. Let’s look at the history of the Facebook… It was founded in the year of 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg who was the student of Harvard University. Facebook first was available in Harvard University and after some time it starts to spread to the whole country and at the end the whole world knows about Facebook and in the year of 2009 it is one of the most popular social media websites along the world.

How Many Features are there of Facebook?

Today, lots of people are using Facebook, in order to make connection between them or entertain. So, what can you do on Facebook and what makes Facebook so popular? In rush-hour works and school tempos people want to be social and make connection between each other, in this point Facebook comes to the emergence. First, people are using their times in Facebook in order to entertain and be social. They are sharing videos, songs, and their private pictures to their friends. Another thing is people can make comments about their friends’ posts. Maybe, the most important thing that Facebook to offer is people can find their old friends who are from their childhood and their schools, in this point Facebook is chosen for lots of people in the fields of social media. Facebook is so widespread that people are using it in their smart phones, tablet computers, laptops and other devices. Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world so in this point the question is how many people are using Facebook? According to the last researches, in the world there are above 1 billion people who are using Facebook and this ratio is increasing in each minute. Facebook is taking lots of advertisements to its organization and earning hundreds of dollars thanks to those advertisements. And every passing day, Facebook is adding extra features to its structure in order to take much more member. There are 26 languages in Facebook and from different regions of the world people can use Facebook in their own languages. In future Facebook will develop to much extend and maybe it will be the biggest website in the world.Facebook Ads

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