How Many Professional Chess Players Are There In The World?

How Many Professional Chess Players Are There In The World?


As you know, we have shared the amount of the chess players in the world in our past articles. In this article, we have searched and found the approximate amount of the professional chess players in the world. We will be sharing this information with its sources but before that, let us provide you some information on chess and its advantages. As you know, today chess is considered as an official sport. Players should take the advantage of their intelligence and strategy in order to beat their opponent while playing the game.


First of all playing chess will help individuals to focus better. You will focus on a single goal while playing the chess game. This goal is beating your opponent with your moves and be the one who wins the game. Thus, those people but especially students who play chess will learn to focus on a single goal and accomplish it. This game also improves the memory as well. The first moves and examining the possible moves of your opponent will support the improvement of the memory in players.


Moreover, chess will allow you to think logically. You have to adopt a strategy when you play the game. You will be always thinking and making the calculation in your mind to include any of your chessmen to the game, protect your chessman, do not sacrifice any of your chessmen without getting one of the chessmen of your opponents. All of these will contribute to a person to improve himself or herself. In addition to this, the game will help you to improve your imagination and innovative thinking. You will look for new ways to beat your opponent and your imagination will improve when you will be thinking of numerous moves.


Chess will also help us to take the responsibilities of our actions. Chess is a game in which you have to play alone on your side. Since you will be alone in front of the chessboard, you will learn to make decisions and take their responsibilities. Moreover, your sense of prediction will improve as well. You have to check the future moves of your opponent to not lose any of your chessmen. Therefore, you will always make calculations and take precautions for the possible actions. The game will also increase your inner motivations. You will always seek for the better opportunities even you will be in the worst condition.


We think this much information is enough on the advantages of the chess. Now let’s talk about the exact figure that we have promised. According to FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), the amount of the tournament players is around 360,000. The amount of the great masters (GM) is 1594 at the date in which we have written this article. These are the figures that you may want to know in terms of the Chess players. In case you have children, it may be a good idea to introduce the chess game to your kids. In this way, you will support their development and allow them to be better individuals in the future.

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