How many popular ways are there to tie a tie?

Tie with British English or Necktie with American English is a decorative cloth using for over three hundred years. Tie’s origin is coming from cravat. Today main usage of tie is formal usage. Also some jobs needs to wear tie. First tie types has been seen on Chinese soldiers. But tie became a modern culture icon with Crotian soldiers wearing traditional red ones in 1618-1648 Thirty Years’ War. This chic and modern style aroused Parisians’ interest. French translate of Croats which means Crotians then became cravat in years. Today tie is a popular part of wearing. How many popular ways are there to tie a tie?

One of the most popular types to tie a tie is “The four-in-hand knot” style. It’s also possible to hear its name as schoolboy knot or simple knot. Name of style is coming from Four-in-Hand Club in England. Members of this club had to wear their ties in this style. After members have been seen on the public, style became London’s most popular one. Today this style is a manner of wear in various offices and most popular one is United States Navy’s full and service dress. Style specialists offer it especially to tall men, wide neck ones and deep-chested men. It’s possible to match it with nearly all types of collar.
Half-Windsor knot is also a popular tie know. Tie is also known as Single Windsor Note. Important point while tie a Half-Windsor note is starting with tie’s wide end. Knot’s appearance is very smooth so it’s very important to create the knot close to perfect. It’s possible to use this style of know on nearly all sizes of men. Collar must be classic. Also some wide-spaced collars are suitable for it. Ties with too thick fabrics are not suitable for creating half-Windsor tie. Also some lightweight fabrics may not suit.

The Double Knot is a type of Four-in-Hand but today it became a popular tie style itself. It has one more layover than Four-in-Hand style. In a perfect Double Knot, knot must be slightly thicker than Four-in-Hand. It’s the tie knot type of royal family and mostly known with the names Prince Albert or Victoria. It’s suitable for nearly all sizes of men. The Double knot must be created from thin fabrics. Important point of The Double Knot is its suitability to all collar types.
Small knot is mostly known as Oriental knot. It’s very simple to create but some ordinary look makes it unsuitable for formal meetings. But jobs needs tie wearing everyday mostly allows small knot. Tall men with wide necks are the perfect men for this type of tie. Style mainly suits the close fitting. Thick fabrics ties must be used for this type of knots.
Windsor knot or Full Windsor is also a very popular tie knot. It’s different than half-Windsor because it has a different necktie style. Firstly Duke of Windsor used it and made it popular. Another important feature of Windsor knot is that a man can create its own tie style and create Windsor knot at last.

Today to tie a tie in job is a controversial topic because it sometimes hardens breathing and may cause problems like heart attack. Also English people identified men from their tie knot style in 1800s but today it’s not possible as it’s only using in work environment.
Difficulties and obligations on wearing tie in office and work environment created Casual Friday phenomenon at last. In Western Culture, most companies’ workers are not wearing tie in Friday office environment.

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