How Many Plays William Shakespeare Write in total?

The Literature in General and the Life of William Shakespeare

In order to express their feelings people always want to find lots of ways. Sometimes one of these ways is music sometimes it is drawing pictures sometimes taking photographs and sometimes it is literature. It can be said that literature is one of the most important way for people in order to express their feelings.William_Shakespeare_1609We can say that literature is an art and only some people can do this art and can develop themselves on this art. From the history people have always art for example before the invention of the script there were lots of verbal stories and with the invention of script the written literature started. In almost all civilizations literature has very important place and people always studying to develop their literature. Because by writing and reading the communities are developing they and they are learning new things in order to develop their countries or communities. In history there are lots of writers, poets and playwrights and lots of them affected the history to much extend. They died physically but they have been living with their works and in future they will live because with their works they affect lots of people and they are penetrating people’s feelings. What people feel is very important when they are reading a literature text maybe by using literature text you can take those people away to very far distances from the point of their emotions. Maybe you will take them away to their childhood and this is very important for people. This point is the main point why literature is very important from the point of emotions. In these point lots of people affected to other people from the point of literature.



. William Shakespeare is one of the most popular writers among the history. He has lots of literary works and he succeeds in to affect people to much extend and this is why he is so popular. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and he is accepted the most popular English writer and he is one of the greatest writers among the world. He is also called as “Avon’s poet” He was born in Stratford-Upon Avon and again he was grow up in this city and then he married to Anne Halltaway and they had three children. About Shakespeare’s personal life there are lots of speculations for example it is said that he is a gay and other things like his religion beliefs. These are all speculations by people and they are not certain. He have lots of works in total he has 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 long story, 2 inscription for a name whose name is John Combe, an inscription for Elias James and he has lots of other poems and works. He is very important especially in English Literature and in the world almost all of the countries that have the subject of English Literature William Shakespeare is very popular among these reading people.

William Shakespeare's Complete Sonnets background

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