How many changes are there in Ios 6?

Ios is the operating system of various Apple devices like IPhone and Ipad. Apple released first Ios version on 2007. Ios 2.0 released in 2008. Ios 3.0 released in 2009 and it was the first version released with Iphone and Ipod. Ipad also has an Ios version 3.2, specially prepared for it. Apple developed Ios versions for mainly two reasons. One of them is jailbreaking. Jailbreaking means that some coders are cracking the security codes of Iphone and they are implementing another download program to Ios like Apple Store. Another release reason is fixing some error and implementing new features. Apple announced Ios 6 at last. How many changes are there in Ios 6?


Ios 6 in pronounced in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2012. News leaked that Ios will not support Ipad 1 and Ipod 3. There were lots of rumors about it and Tim Cook approved them.

There are lots of minor and major developments in Ios 6. But lots of Apple fans don’t like the new version at first look. Main development in Ios 6 is Siri. Siri has now different languages support. Also Siri can be used with voice command not only for Google search but also daily needs.

Facebook integration is another development. Now it’s possible to send info to Facebook from nearly all apps. Some fans said that it’s formerly possible in Android.

Passbook is a special program that is possible to use for collecting tickets. Passbook is collecting tickets, coupons and more from markets, airline companies and more. Also 3d map feature is possible.

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