How Many Different Kinds of Cats are there that are still living today in the World?

Do you like pets? Do you have pet in your house? What do you think about the most popular pet that people want to feed in their houses? What about the cats? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the pets and more specifically about the different kinds of the cats. As all we know, in the world and in the different regions of the world lots of the different people are feeding the pets in their houses. Especially in the countries that are developed, people are giving too much value to their pets and almost all of the people who are living in those countries have pets in their lives. When we look at the kind of those pets we can see that the most widespread kinds are dogs and the cats. Let’s look at the cats all together.


The Number of the Different Kinds of the Cats

The original names of the cats that people feed in their houses are the Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus. Generally they are with their furs and they are trained and they eat meat. When people are buying a cat, they are looking the friendship of them and on the other hand they are attend to their manners at the houses because if a cat damages to the different things in the house anybody wants to buy it, as we said that before the first important thing is the friendship of them. Anatomically, the cats are very flexible animals and they can easily move from a place to another place. Their paws are very strong and they are formed in order to kill the other small preys of the cats.

Ginger domestic kitten (Felis catus) rolling on back playing

The ears of the cats are very sensitive and they can hear the sounds that people can’t hear or on the other hand again they can the very loud sounds that a person cannot distinguish what it is. There are lots of the different colors of the cats but when we look at the general situation their colors are generally brown. When we look at the roots of the cats, we can see that, a research that are done in the year of 2007 a new founding is emerged and it says that the roots of the cats are based upon the date of 8000 BC. When we look at the number of the different kinds of the cats that are still living in the world today, we can see that, in accordance with the researches that are done by the experts there are 65 different kinds of the cats. Maybe like all of the other kinds, there can be the other kinds of the different cats but the scientist hasn’t determined them yet. The cats are the beautiful animals and in our loneliness days they can be friends to us and because of this reason we should like the cats.


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