How many popular ways are there to cook an egg?

Egg is one of the most popular items using today for eating alone or using in recipes. People are eating egg for over a thousand year and they tried lots of different animal’s eggs. Today chicken, roe, duck, quail and caviar eggs are the popular ones in the world. But the chicken eggs are the most popular ones. Eggs are an important part of daily nutrition because they include choline and protein. Egg may cause some allergies and similar so egg quality is very important topic today. Eating egg alone has thousands of recipes. But some of them are worldwide popular. How many popular ways are there to cook an egg?

Scrambled eggs is one of the most popular ways on egg cooking. It’s very easy and low calorie. Recipe is very easy because cooker doesn’t have to divide whites and yolks. Adding some milk into recipe is also a popular way to richen it. Salt and pepper are also important parts of recipe. In some countries it’s possible to see that people add tomatoes or jalapenos to recipe. Also cheese or salsa addition are possible.

Egg over easy is the general name of other popular egg cooking recipe and some countries call it as fried egg. It’s the most natural egg cooking recipe ever. Only greasing or oiling pan and cooking both sides of white and yolks is enough. Salt and pepper is important for taste. What needs specialty on this recipe are cooking two sides both and spinning top side to down on fry without disfigure it.
Omelets are also very popular worldwide. They are some complicated than some basic egg cooking recipes but they are delicious and it’s possible to see different omelet recipes on each country. American recipe is the classic one. In this recipe, cooker mix some milk with eggs. Then he sprays some oil to non-stick pan. Key point is adjusting the heat because they can burn easily. After first stage, it’s possible to add various items like cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, olives and more. Americans like to use ham or bacons and use sour cream also.

Boiled Eggs are one of the oldest recipes in the world. They are easy and only hint it to know the time egg is ok. Recipe includes putting water in a cup and boil it with eggs. It’s possible to use these eggs on salads or eat alone.
There are also some local recipes which became a worldwide popular today. One of them is Mexican Scrambled Eggs. Main item of recipe is hot peppers and some other hot spices.
Tea Eggs is also a popular China origin recipe. It’s possible to see Tea Egg sellers in China in street vendors. Recipe use hard boiled eggs and mix them with a special aromatic mixture of spices and black tea. After shell is broken, egg has a very authentic taste with some beautiful marbled pattern on it. Tea Eggs is a favorite meal in China with its low calorie and oil level.
Russians also like to use and eat egg. They like to give shape to hard-boiled eggs and today it’s possible to find an egg recipe category as “Russian Style Eggs”. Recipes are mostly including hard-boiled eggs and some special sauces. Russians use mayonnaise mostly in egg recipes. Also sour cream is an indispensable item of them.
Africans like Curried Eggs. They mostly prefer to eat egg on lunch or dinner. They also add onion and apple cider vinegar to their egg related recipes especially in south Africa countries.

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