How many fast food restaurants are there in USA?

Americans like to eat and obesity is one of the biggest problems in USA. Number of fast food chains and restaurants increased rapidly in last 40 years and now fast food is accepting as the national food style of America. Also companies growth in USA now serving to whole world and changing the life styles of other countries. IBIS World made a big research on the total numbers of fast food restaurants in the USA and according to numbers, total numbers of fast food restaurants in USA is higher than all fast food restaurants in Asia. How many fast food restaurants are there in USA?

According to IBIS report, there are 186,627 fast food restaurants in USA. Subway is the biggest fast food chain in the country. It has 24,722 according to latest numbers and new fast food restaurants of Subway is on the way. According to company plans. There will be over 50,000 Subway restaurants in the USA. Despite Subway has the most fast food restaurants in USA, it’s total sales is still under McDonalds. 2012 total sales of Subway was $11,400.
McDonald’s is over the Burger King but it’s still under Subway on the numbers of fast food restaurants in USA. According to latest numbers, McDonalds has 14,098 total restaurants in country. But despite Subway has nearly 10.000 more restaurants in the country, McDonalds total sale in the 2012 is $34,172.
Starbucks was only coffee seller in 80s but today it’s also a fast food restaurant chain in the USA. It’s one of the fastest growing chains in the country and now it’s possible to see two or three Starbucks fast food places in the same street. Total Starbucks shops in the country is 10,821. According to latest numbers, Starbucks ‘ sale is $9,750 in the 2012.

Pizza Hut was known as the national brand of USA in 90s but today they are not so hot and operational. But against all numbers, Pizza Hut is still the biggest pizza seller in the USA. Today Pizza Hut has 7,600 fast food restaurants in the USA and most of them are opened in 90s and in the first half of 2000s. Pizza Hut is still on the lead on advertisement but sale numbers is under many big fast food chains. According to last numbers, Pizza Hut’s 2012 sale is $5,500.
Burger King is the biggest rival of McDonalds and it’s making a worldwide attack but it’s hard to say Burger King is bigger than McDonalds in the USA. Today Burger King has 7,231 fast food restaurants in USA. It’s possible to see that McDonalds like to open new shops in rural areas but Burger King is not going on this way. Burger King’s 2012 sale was $8,400 and it’s under the McDonalds.
Dunkin’ Donuts is a big rival of Starbucks but it’s hard to say they are in struggle. Starbucks has more fast food restaurants in the USA and total sale of company is higher than Donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts has 7,015 fast food shops in USA by 2012 and total sale is $6,500.
Wendy’s was growing fast in 2000s first half but it’s slower now. But Wendy’s is still one of the biggest fast food chains in the USA. Company is also making operations to be worldwide and opening in more and more foreign places. According to latest numbers, Wendy’s has 6,594 fast food restaurants in USA and total sale in 2012 is $8,500. According to latest numbers, total sale of Wendy’s is bigger than Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell.
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