How many Nokia 1110 sold since today?

Nokia 1110 is the most selling phone of the history. It’s a monochrome screen type of popular mobile phone Nokia 1100. It’s firstly released in 2005 and followed by Nokia 1110i in 2006. Nokia stopped producing this phone by producing Nokia 1200. How many Nokia 1110 sold since today?

Nokia 1110 has good features as compared with low-end similar. First of all talk time of phone is greater than any similar. It’s possible to use the phone for over 10 days in standard usage.

Also call barring feature is very important for this phone. In the time Nokia 1110 released, low end phones didn’t has the call barring feature and it create a great impact especially in USA.

Nokia 1110 was not giving an up step for mobile games but games inside the phone like Snake and Dice games was perfect for free time entertainment.

Nokia 1110’s one of the greatest feature was picture messaging. Before 1110, picture messaging was known as a luxury phone’s feature. But Nokia 1110 changed all the perception on this topic. Also it had a predictive input feature that was some developed from older models.

Nokia announced Nokia 1110 as changeable covers. But Nokia didn’t produce a big stock of covers and this feature couldn’t be used originally.

Nokia 1110’s polyphonic ringtone feature was also an important one. People started to load their own songs as ringtone and it was an important step for customizing mobile phone for all users. With all this features Nokia 1110 sold over 250 million pieces all over the world and it’s a hard to break record.

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