How Many Countries Are Celebrating the Christmas Officially?

In the world, as all we know lots of the population is Christian and there are lots of other religions and beliefs that people are believing. When we look at the religions that are mostly believed in the world, we can see that the Christianity, Islam and Jewishness and when we look at the traditions of the these religions, each of religions has lots of rules and traditions within it. 


At this point, today we are going to make an analysis about the countries that celebrating the Christmas officially and we will give some information about them. At first, when we look at the importance of the Christmas we should look to the history of the Christmas for the people. As all we know the celebrating the Christmas is a tradition of the religion of Christianity and correspondingly to this situation we can see that because of the lots of the population of the world is Christian, most of the world is celebrating the Christmas. It is originally a festival of Christianity and Christian people are celebrating it because they believe that this day is the born day of the Christ, their prophet and this day is the 25th day of the December and it is a holy day for the Christian people. But on the other hand we can see that there are some of the Christian communities that are celebrating the Christmas on 6th January and these are Armenian church because in accordance with their calendars and their beliefs they want to celebrate that day in that date. When we look at the history of the Christmas it is possible to see that from the beginning of the 20th century the people who are not Christian also have been celebrating the day and it becomes a tradition rather than a religious festival and at this day people are buying presents and they are sharing those gifts to their friends and their family members and correspondingly to this situation it is possible to see the happy feelings between the people and they are learning the importance of the sharing not only the presents but also on the other hand they are sharing the beautiful feelings like happiness. When we look at the world, the number of the countries that are officially celebrating the Christmas, in accordance with the researches that are done by the statistics, there are approximately up to 160 countries that celebrating the Christmas officially but as we said before on the other hand there are hundreds of other countries that are celebrating it but they are not celebrating the Christmas officially.


In our day, when we look at the whole world and the different countries we can see that the celebration of the Christmas are very colorful and the preparations for the Christmas are started months before it and lots of gorgeous events take place like the light shows and other things.


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