How Many Turkish People are living in Germany?

In order to keep continue their lives people have to work a lot and as a result of this they are earning money and they can keep their lives continue. In the different periods of the history people are trying to find different works in order to get money and as a result of this in order to keep their lives on. Because of this people go to the different regions of the world in order to find jobs. The reason of this situation is there are not enough jobs in their countries. EURO 2008 - Public Viewing Germany v Turkey

When we look at the whole history of the whole world it can be seen lots of examples of this situation. In last century, maybe one of the most known community that go to another country in order to find better job is Turkish people. When we look at the Turkish people along the whole world who are working we can see that the most dense popularity of them in the country of Germany. Those people start to come to the Germany after the years of 1950’s and today they are still living and working on there. At first time there are not enough people who are working in factories in the country of Germany and when it is looked at the situation of Turkey in that time there are not enough work for people and as a result of this people start to the go to the Germany in order to live and find a work on there. And as a result of this situation the unbalanced case between the countries are put in order. At the first years the German politicians and people want people to come to their countries in order to work but when we look at the last years they don’t want to get new people because of the globalization and crisis in the world. Now let’s look at closely to those people.



Turkish People in Germany

Turkish People in Germany refers to the people who immigrated to the Germany in order to find a job and who are living in the Germany. It can be said that Turkish People who are living in Germany are ethnic group and again it can be said that the most extensive ethnic group in Germany are Turkish people. When we look at the population of Turkish People who are living in Germany we see that in accordance with the last researches there are 2,7 million Turkish People. This number from the past has been increasing and most probably in the future it will increase too much extend. No longer are Turkish People the indispensable members of the Germany. German people are used to live with them and the same situation is valid for the Turkish People. In the field of the development of the Germany from the field of industry and other areas Turkish People are very effective and they are helpers of the German country.


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