How many popular places to visit in Prague?

Prague is both the largest city and capital of Czech Republic. It’s one of the largest cities in European Union. It’s commonly known as “Bohemia proper”. 1.3 million People are living in city center. Prague has a temperate oceanic climate and it’s mostly rainy. Prague gained its political and economic popularity after 1900s. City became an important point for agreements and political changes. World Wars and post-war Communist era changed all importance level of Prague. It’s now popular for various cultural attractions. City is the castle of writers and producers. How many popular places to visit in Prague?

Prague has hundreds of sightseeing places and it’s hard to finish city in a month. Places like Charles Bridge Prague, Prague Castle on Castle Hill and St. Vitus Cathedral on Castle Hill are most popular places in city.
Charles Bridge Prague where all Prague must visit. Place’s common name is “Karlov Most.” It’s a connection between old and new Prague city centers. Also it’s on the way to popular places. There are lots of restaurants and souvenir shops on the place.
Prague Castle on Castle Hill is hard to reach but worth it. Most of the visitors come to Prague Castle to see artwork. Also guard changing hours are very interesting. It’s possible to see signs from medieval Czech kings and listen to concerts. It’s important to go castle as early as possible in morning because entrance is always crowd. Also visitors need to buy photo license to take photos.
St. Vitus Cathedral on Castle Hill is popular with its rose window. Also it’s possible to see popular Czech artist Alfons Mucha’s works on Cathedral. Cathedral is mostly the choice of people who don’t want to pay high for Prague Castle or who don’t want to reach to top for a castle. Cathedral is always crowd and it’s very hard to enter into before 1 hour so visitors must leave a long time for visiting St. Vitus Cathedral.

Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square are most popular signs of Prague city. Clock is firstly built in 1400s but today it’s not possible to see original parts because it has been updated several times. Also Old Town Square is most crowded place of Prague. It’s a life and café center. It’s very frequent to find a festival in this square. There are lots of companies making photo tours for Clock and Old Town Square and if visitors want to take good photos, it’s the best way because clock is always crowd and hard to take good photos.

The Dancing Building is one of the newest popular buildings in Prague. It’s built in 1996. Common name of building is “Fred and Ginger” and it made controversies between city residents because of architecture style’s uniqueness in area. It’s possible to go “Celeste Restaurant and Bar” in the building’s top two floors and it’s a classic French cuisine. Restaurant has a panoramic city view with a good wine menu.
Petrin Hill Observatory is mostly for photographers. It doesn’t have any structural or monumental side but it’s giving the best view of city. It’s a copy of Eiffel Tower which made by railroad tracks and this style is attracting especially architecture fans. Also it’s possible to see strange places close to Petrin Hill Observatory like Mirror Maze and the Hunger Wall.
Visitors interested in Jewish culture may visit Jerusalem Synagogue and Old Jewish Cemetery. Especially Jerusalem Synagogue is a popular place with its colorful design. Old Jewish Cemetery is not a popular place but it has lots of visitors every year.

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