How many PlayStation Vita is sold all over the world?

PlayStation Vita or PS Vita with its official abbreviation is Sony Computer Entertainment’s last portable game console. Ps Vita is firstly released for Asia Market in 2011. It’s America and Europe release is made on 2012. Its main rival is Nintendo 3DS. There are lots of important features on Ps Vita like two analog sticks, capacitive touchscreen of multi-touch feature, a four-core processor and a four-core graphic processor. Ps Vita needs special card as “PlayStation Vita card”. Lots of Vita games need this card to play. Also it doesn’t work with standard memory card and needs “PS Vita memory cards”. PS Vita made a great impact on console gaming world. How many PlayStation Vita is sold all over the world?

Lots of new games are released for PS Vita. Also popular games’ Vita versions are possible. One of the most popular Ps Vita games nowadays is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Popular Uncharted series’ new game is only possible on Vita now. Also popular games like Asphalt, Ninja Gaiden, Wipeout and Virtua Tennis 4 has new versions only available for Vita.

A few days after first release in Japan, Sony reported that 325.000 Ps Vita is sold. But with some problems on advertisement, on the second week only 74.000 Ps Vita is sold. After Europe and America release of portable console, Sony reported that 1.2 million Vitas are sold. Also 2 million game units are sold with the first generation of Ps Vita.

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