How Many Batman films are there up to now?

The history of the character of Batman

In the world there are some legends and these legends sometimes can be a person, a music song, a hero or it can be a cartoon character. On this point Batman is one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world history and we can say that it becomes legend after some time because of the fact that the high interest to them by people especially who are children. Now let’s look at the history of the character of Batman closely. classic-batman-logo


. First in the year of 1939 Batman is emerged in the series of a periodical that name is Detective comics. It is the hero of a strip cartoon. When it is emerged in that periodical at first not so much people know about it but after some time people hear about it from their friends and a high interest against to Batman starts too much extend and then it becomes very popular. Its drawer is Bob Kane and its writer is Bill Finder. In general it is called as Batman but on the other hand it is called as “The Dark Knight” and “The Caped Crusader.” In accordance with the legend of the Batman he is a hidden hero and its real name is “Bruce Wayne” and he is a wealthy businessman, playboy and he is a benefactor. On the other hand when he sees a chaos or injustice between people he is always helping to the people who are poor. At first Bruce Wayne is just a businessman and then he decides to create a character with a theme of Bat and then he creates a costume and car with the theme of Bat. Unlike other super heroes he has no any super powers, he acts only by using his brain and intelligence and as a result of this he is helping people and he is rescuing people. At the first years of its emergence it is published in the periodical of Detective Comics but after some time because of the high interest to the character in the years of 1940’s Batman is published as an only a separate periodical and from that time on it is much more popular them before. After those years its popularity is increasing to much extend. Along the periodicals and cartoon of Batman the movies of the characters of Batman is started to captured. Now let’s look at the movies of Batman.



The Number of films of Batman.

Like other popular cartoon characters Batman’s movies also captured. When we look at the movies of Batman we see that there are 7 movies of Batman from the history. These movies are:

Batman (1966, starring Adam West)

Batman (1989, starring Michael Keaton)

Batman Returns (1992, starring Michael Keaton)

Batman Forever (1995, starring Val Kilmer)

Batman & Robin (1997, starring George Clooney)

Batman Begins (2005, starring Christian Bale)

The Dark Knight (2008, starring Christian Bale)

And in the future new films will be captured because of the popularity of the character of Batman.


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