How Many music albums of Madonna have up to now?

The Life of Madonna

 Madonna Louise Ciccone is born in the year of 1958 in the city of Bay, Michigan and also she is known as Madonna. She is from United States of America and she is not only musician but she is also singer, dancer, actress, film producer and writer. Lots of people know her as a queen of pop music and there are lots of fans of her from the different regions of the world. Madonna

People know her songs well and there are millions of people who are following her life. She is very popular from the live performances of her and those performances are always in high tempo and lots of people like it very much and as a result of this her performances are very popular and liked by especially young people. In her works, she uses erotic, politics and religion themes and these are other features of her and it is another reason of her being popular. Some people like this way of her very much but on the other hand there are lots of people who don’t approve her selections about these themes. In the year of 2000 her album sells up to 130.000.000 and she is the only woman singer whose music album sells in those number and them she succeeds in to be saved the Guinness Records Book with her album’s selling in those high number. And after some years, in the year of 2007 September Guinness Records Book declares that Madonna is the best woman singer in the world history when we look at thoseevents we can see that why Madonna is so popular among the world and according to a research that are done in the year of 2010 July, her music albums sell up to 300 million and her single sells up to 150 million and as a result of this she goes down in history as the bestseller singer of all times and we can say that this caption maybe is the most popular caption in world’s history from the point of music field.

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The Music Albums of Madonna

When we look at the music albums of Madonna, up to now she has 21 music albums in total. And when we look at the detailed way in these albums we can see that she has 11 Studio albums, 2 live albums, 5 compilation albums and she has 3 soundtracks. Her second album whose name is “Like a Virgin” releases in the year of 1984 and this album sells up to 20 million, lots of people buy this albums and it is the best seller albums of Madonna in her history. Her other albums also sell to much extend and now it can be said that she is the most popular singer in the world. In future people will not forget it and she will live for keeps. People will always her from the point of her successes.


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