How many volcanoes are there in USA?

Topographic elevation of USA is very high and it has many volcanoes. It’s very rare to see volcanoes spreading danger in latest centuries of America but there were dangerous volcanoes in the first centuries of humanity. Today volcanoes in the USA are one of the most popular movie stories in country and there are many centers following activity of them day by day. Especially Hawaii is popular with volcanoes and there are also big volcanoes like Redoubt Volcano of Alaska. How many volcanoes are there in USA?

There are 169 volcanoes in the USA. Some of them were active in 80s but eruption was very low and didn’t harm any place.
Crater Lake Volcano is one of the most popular volcanoes in the country. According to the U.S. Geological Survey , it’s the tenth most dangerous volcano in the country. According to researches, it built from a big explotion 7,700 years ago. Also it’s quiet for last 5,000 years. According to theory, lake close to crater filled whole lava of volcano. Many researches and footages showed that there are some small explosions in the volcano but they are not big for eruption.
Mauna Loa Lava Tube 1984

Redoubt Volcano of Alaska lastly erupted in 2009. It’s dangerous because it’s very close to city of Anchorage. It lastly erupted in April 21, 1990 volcanic mudflows spread up to 13.5 miles away. Volcano is very close to airport of city and it was a shock that ashes from volcano stopped a 747’s engines in 1989 but then crew started the engines again and avoid the disaster. According to organizations following Redoubt Volcano of Alaska, there is no activity of volcano but it can erupt in following 50 years again.
Mauna Loa Volcano of Hawaii is the largest volcano in the world. First eruption is recorded in 1843 and it erupted for 33 times more. Latest eruption was in 1984 and then it’s still quiet. According to researchers, volcano is still highly active but because “the Pacific crust’s sink into ocean more and more, it’s sending a lot of water into hot area and extinguishing it. Also because of molten rock surface on Mauna Loa Volcano area, it goes to close cities easily.
Lassen Volcanic Center of California was very active between 1915 and 1917. Eruptions damaged all the forests in the mountain and area. It was very active in 17th century and there are many stories about the area. Today there’s no activity in the Lassen Volcanic Center but some scientists believe that there will be a blast and will create a new peak.
Mount St. Helens Volcano of Washington erupted last in 1980. After blast, 520 million tons of volcanic ash spread the area and killed 57 people. It became the most devastating volcanic activity in 80s and many organizations are set after event. Ashes came close to Spokane, Washington. According to researches, eruption is continuing in volcano for last 10,000 years. Also scientists proved that mountain collapsed totally after 1980 eruption.
Mount Rainier Volcano of Washington was other dangerous volcano of Washington. According to researches, every 500-1000 years period, volcano makes a big eruption and last known big eruption of volcano was 500 years ago. Many scientists believe that a blast in the volcano can damage 100 kilometers area.
Mount Hood Volcano of Oregon was very active the last ice age and made two eruptions that shaped the America continent. Latest eruption in volcano was in early 1800s. According to scientists, there’s small activity in volcano now but it’s increasing and it will blast in the close future.

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