How Many Generations of Ford Focus Has?

How Many Generations of Ford Focus Has?      


With the rapid development of the technology especially in the period that is after the invention of the power of steam and the industrial revolution in the world in almost all fields there are lots of different and new innovations. It can be easily said that maybe one of the most important and one of the most innovative development after this period is the using of the power of the engines in the vehicles.


When we think about our modern world, it is impossible to think about our lives without using the motor engines because they are in our lives that is like bread and water, on this point we can see the how important they are in our lives. When we are going to our works, schools or when we are travelling we are using the cars and they make our lives much more easy and people get used to use them and because of this they are very popular. And with the developments in this industry there have been new brands of the cars. In the world when we think the whole regions there are lots of car brands and some of them are very popular because of their quality and again because of this reason millions of people are preferring to use those car brands. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the brand of Ford Focus and the generations of that car.

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The Generations of Ford Focus


When it is thought from the general point we can see that how popular the model of Ford Focus along the whole world. There are millions of people who are the fan of the model. When we look at the background of the car we see that there are 4 models of Ford Focus up to now. The first generation is released to the market in the year of 2008 and when it is first released it get lots of interest to it because this is the new model of the brand of Ford and it is the end of the model of Escort and its name is changed by Focus. When it is first emerged lots of people order that car in order to use as first. In the year of 2001 the producers of the car change the face of the Focus and they give it to a new face actually it isn’t a new one but they make it up. When we look at the process we can see that the next generation is released to the market in the year of 2004 and from that year to the year of 2010 the people use the second generation of it. When we look at the final generation of this in the year of 2012 the final generation of Ford Focus is released to the market. In the world in the year of the 2012 it is the best seller car and there are lots of people still who want to buy this car and because of these reasons the car is one of the most popular cars of the world.

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