How many common job interview questions are there?

Job interviews are always very hard and problematic. Also after economic crisis hit the world, over 230 million people left their work and it’s now on the recovering way on worker numbers. This situation created millions of job seekers and millions of job interviews. It’s a general mistake that job seekers go to interview without any preparation. They believe they are good in their work but it’s very rare to be asked from our job details in the interview. Interviewers of companies ask the questions about your details and some tricky questions to reveal the truth about you and your skills. So it’s very important to be prepared for interview whatever high career man you are. How many common job interview questions are there?

There are some common questions of a standard job interview and some detailed questions about job and career. Starting from common questions is a classic and researches showed that %70 of job seekers are eliminating on this step. Another mistake in job interviews is writing a detailed CV but sweat when answering the information written on CV. Job interviewed will take a quick look to CV and want answers from you.
First question mostly comes from job seekers’ job history. Answers must be fast and clean. Also talking about a job history that is not written in CV is very problematic. It will give a feel that you are hiding something. Eliminating from first question is very rare but it’s not impossible. So try to memorize your job history and answer question in an ordered list.

Choose the last job of your answer carefully because second question will come about your last job. If you worked on the position you apply, write it. Questions like the reason why you left, what you expected from your last job and what you found will be asked. Never blame your old work friends, managers or job owner for leaving the job. Focus on job related topics and instead of indicating that the job was hard, talk about problems on future of job. You can also talk about blockages on last job for improving yourself and your career. They will ask about your responsibilities on your last job and you must answer the question clear and without any exaggeration.

Following question will be about both job and personal. Interviewer will ask about your biggest mistake in job and biggest accomplishment and failures you know about job. Talk about a mistake you made on former job. Best topic will be a problem between you and a worker. Answer the question with ideas about giving a second chance to everyone and all the solution starts from you first. Finish the answer with words like best solution may change and think again about best solution is my ideology in my job. If biggest accomplishment and failures on job position are asked, you must talk about biggest stories on your position.
If you pass this step, questions about directly your personal will start to come, Questions like biggest weakness of you, greatest strength, a typical work week, standard work hours of you will be asked. Always talk about job while answering these questions and give short but definite answers. Answer the important question about a typical work week with an answer like “I plan a week from Monday and I don’t give chance to surprises.”
If you pass the personal questions step, new questions will come from new company and new job. First question of this step will be about the company you applied. Learn the history of company and talk about important moments. Questions will finish with future related topics.

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