How Many Periods are there in Hockey Game?

Do you like to play the different sport games? What is your favorite sport? Do you do sports in your life? What do you think about the effect of the making sport to the life of the people? When we look at the whole world, there are lots of the different branches of the sports that are done by the people and every year a new kind of the sport game is added to that different branch of the sports. In the world there are millions of the people who are not only doing those sports but also on the other hand there are lots of them who are just watching those kinds of the sports.


When we look at the whole world, we can see that the most popular branch of the sports is the football and the basketball. In the country of the America the most popular sport is the basketball but on the other hand the situation is different from the America in the country of Europe and Middle East, in those regions the sport of the football is the most popular one. In spite of the fact that the football and the basketball’s being the most popular sports in the world, on the other hand there are lots of the different branches of the sports that are popular in the some regions of the world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the sport of the Hockey and we will give some information about the history of that sport and more specifically we will give some rules of that game. Let’s look at the history of that sport all together.

The History of the Sport of Hockey

When we look at the history of the Hockey, we can base the roots of the Hockey on the 4000 years ago to the community of the Egypt. People are playing this kind of the sport with the sticks in that period and from that time to now like all of the sports, there are lots of different changes and the rules are also chanced. Not only in the community of the Egypt but also in the different communities like Ireland, Old Greece and Mongolia, is the sport done. When we look at the modern world, it can be possible to see that there are lots of the countries that are playing that sport and in some countries there are leagues of the Hockey and people are playing and watching that sport by liking it. On the other hand, let’s look at the rules of it. When we look at the number of the periods and some rules of the game we can see that. Hockey or ice hockey is a game that has two teams which have six players each. A professional hockey game would have three periods that would last for 20 minutes for each period. The clock would only run while the puck is at play.


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