How Many People with Rare Diseases Are There In the World?

How Many People with Rare Diseases Are There In the World?


Diseases are caused by the external factors where our immune system is unable to protect the body against these agents. Every healthy people can experience serious or regular diseases at any time. It is all about the power of our immune system and how well we take care of ourselves. We need to pay attention to what we eat when we eat how often we move during the day. These factors contribute to our immune system and this system protects us from many diseases. The diseases may divide into two groups. The one is the regular diseases which we know their treatment and cause. The other group is rare diseases which we have very few information about them.


In this article, we are going to provide you the approximate number of the people with rare diseases. But before providing this information to you, let us provide you information on some interesting diseases. The first disease we would like to mention is sirenomelia. This disease is also known as mermaid syndrome and kid born with this disease have their two legs attached to each other. The disease is given this name because the children look like mermaids. Another interesting disease is called Proteus. Some certain parts of the body will continue to grow in this disease. Sadly, it is not possible to stop the progression of the growth. The disease usually disturbs the general look of the patient.


Progeria is another interesting and rare disease. This disease also is known as the disease of 80 years old children. This is a very rare disease. Children with this disease look very old. Have you ever heard porfiria? This disease is also known as vampire disease. The skin of these people are very sensitive and they cannot resist sun rays. Even the slightest contact with the sun rays will cause burns on the skin and hurt the patients.


Did you know that Alice in Wonderland is inspired by a real and rare disease? It is called micropsia. It is also known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome and patients see the objects and people bigger or smaller than they are. It is a disease which is very hard to cope with and symptoms can be relieved with extra medications. Another interesting disease is hematidrosis. This is also called blood crying disease. Patients drop blood rather than tears when they cry. Like most of the other rare diseases, sadly, there is no treatment developed yet for this disease.


Now it is time to talk about the figures as we promised. There are more than 300 million patients who suffer from rare diseases. None of these people can find a cure for their disease and research are still ongoing for possible treatments. The lucky ones which make only ten percent of them can relieve the minor symptoms with various medications. The amount of the people with rare diseases are increasing in each day with the newly born children. If you know any other interesting and rare diseases, please share them with us by leaving a comment to this article.

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