How many people went to space?

Going to space is the dream of all astronauts, cosmonauts and other.  These space workers are taking a big education program to be successful in space, but only few of them are going to space. There are thousands of space workers being retired without going to space after 50 years. Nations are also in a big race to send someone to space. How many nations’ people went to space?

Since Yuri Gagarin has been seen in space on 1961, totally 517 people went to space from 38 different nations. But only 12 of them were lucky to walk on moon.

Its millions of dollars for a little space program so the education of space travellers is vital. So thousands of people are training in Nasa and other space centers for space.

It’s also important to train Spacecraft engineers and other workers. There is a big accident called Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 1 February 2003. There was a big error on developing the space shuttle so 7 astronauts died in this terrific accident.

In the future, there will be space travellers. Now there are companies that are selling space travel, so at close future, people will travel in space without educating in NASA or being connected with governments.

Virgin Galactic is the main company working for space travellers since 2004. Also Space Services INC is for space travelling. 135 people bought tickets for first space travel. It’s now $200,000 for a seat to travel space.

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