How Many Apple Devices Sold In The World?

How Many Apple Devices Sold In The World?


Apple company is one of the technology giants in the world. Thanks to Steve Jobs and his vision, today almost one-third of the world population uses Apple products. We owe many of the innovations and designs to him! In this article, we will talk about the total amount of the Apple devices sold worldwide. But before providing this information to you, let us talk about the company and its devices a little bit. Our adult visitors may remember the times where we did not use to have smartphones. The term smartphone is introduced by Apple company and today’s smartphones owe their design to Apple phones.


The products of the company are selling millions in each year. Every year Apple lovers anticipate the new models of the company. The market value of the company is around 700 billion dollars. One of their biggest competitors is Microsoft and the market value of Microsoft is around 350 billion dollars. Although we mentioned Microsoft as one of their biggest competitor, Samsung is their next biggest competitor. In fact, these two companies do not like each other a lot due to the lawsuits. However, the retina screen of the iPad models is still being produced by Samsung.


Apple has one of the weirdest warranty conditions. Did you know that your warranty will not be valid in case you will smoke next to your Apple products? Of course, this is not a common issue and not many people may face such situation. But still, they have the charge to cancel your warranty due to this reason. The full name of the company is Apple Inc, however, it was Apple Computers Inc when it was founded on April 1, 1976. Moreover, Apple sold 340,000 iPhone on each day of the year of 2012.


The third founder of Apple company, Ronald Wayne drew the first logo of Apple company and he sold his shares for 800 dollars after a while. If he would not sell them and kept it, today he would have money equal to 30 billion dollars. Siri, which is the digital assistant of Apple, keeps all questions you ask her and send them to Apple. Apple Company has more cash than the United States government. The most famous product of the company is iPhone models. These models are sold more than the total products that Microsoft sold to their customers.


Without a doubt, Apple company is one of the most successful companies in the world. It is known that more than 130 million products sold in the last year. The total amount of the devices that Apple sold up to day is more than 800 million. The profit they earn from these sales is greater than the income of the most countries in the world. Do you use any of the Apple company products? If so, which one is your favorite? You can share your opinions with us by leaving a comment to this article and we can discuss more Apple together. Have a nice day!

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