How Many People Read Books In America and Why We Should Read ?

How Many People Read Books In America and Why We Should Read ?

Everyone knows that reading book provides many advantages for all people. We know that we should read books to improve ourselves but this is not limited to just that. There are various reasons why people read books. In today’s world, people are trying to catch what is new. So, for most of the things popularity is important, especially between teenagers and young adults. Some of the people read books for understanding themselves and other people. Some of them read just because of they enjoyed it. Some of them read to learn new things. Some of the people read to get a culture.

The percentage of the reading book differs from an age to age, country to country, education level, even types of the books. People with higher education levels read more books than the other. Particularly, women who have a qualified job and have a good position at the job (for example CEO or interested in social studies) read the most.

Statistics Says :

According to recent studies, 72% of American adults read a book. The average number of the reading book in one year is 14 for women and 9 for men. In 2015, 77% of women read books and 67% of men read books in America.

High incoming people and more educated people read more books than others. About 90% of college students read a book in one year as a contrast to who didn’t finish high school 34%.

The other important statistic about a reading book is 80% of 18-29 age people reads at least one book compared to 69% of older than 65 years old.

57% of Americans read for work or school. 80% read for pleasure. 82% read to keep up with current media and 84% of them read to research their interests or specific topic. (For Adults)

26% of American adults don’t read books. 38% read books printed. 28% of them reads both digital and printed books. 6% of them only read from digital books.


Why We Should Read Books ?

First of all, it gives us knowledge. Books are a huge source of information. It helps us to gain knowledge and it helps to learn new things.

Secondly, reading books improve our brains. Scientists say that reading book increases neural activity in the brain. The brain is another important muscle of our body; if we keep doing mind exercises we can make a healthier brain. Also, it makes our memory stronger. It helps to delay mental aging and protect from Alzheimer disease.

One of the important advantages of the reading book is it reduces stress. Reading a book lowers the stress level because reading a book makes it easier for our mind to focus on something else than daily life problems. According to this information, it improves imagination and creativity.

Another reason to read the book it develops communicating writing and critical thinking skills. It is important to think critically to make accurate and logical decision in everyday life about anything.

Reading books makes us more empathetic. By reading a book, we can see and understand other people’s feelings, thoughts, personalities, and behaviors. It gives us a broader perspective.


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