How Many People Have Died up to now When They Are Climbing to The Mount of Everest

Do you like the extreme sports? Do you do any of the extreme sports? What do you think about the sports that are in your life? Are you interested in the different interesting information about the sports? If you are interested in the different sports and the different strange events that are in the sports, our this paper will give you lots of different and interesting information and we hope that you will like after you read this essay. As all we know, making sport is one of the most important and one of the most entertaining activities in people’s lives and when we look at the history of the humanity, it is possible to see that people have been producing lots of different sports and it seems that in the future the people will emerge different sports that are not available today. In the whole world today, as we said before there are lots of different kinds of the sports and we can say that the most popular ones are the football and basketball because the people who are interested in these sports not only making these sports but on the other hand they have the possibility to watch the people who are the players of these sports and in the different TV channels it is very easy to see one of these sports.


. But on the other hand there are lots of different extreme sports that grab the people’s attention because of their being very interesting and dangerous. At this point the mountaineering is one of the most popular and one of the most significant extreme sport that are done in the world by lots of different people. In the different regions of the world that there are lots of mountains and the places that are high, people are doing this sport. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the sport of mountaineering and we will look to the people who die in the mount of Everest up to now.


The Number of the People Who Has Been Died in the Everest


As all we know, mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and it is possible to say that it is the most dangerous mountain in the world from the point of the sports men who are trying to climb it. When we look at the history, it can be seen that there are approximately 130 people have been died when they are climbing the mount Everest and it can be easily said that in the future lots of people will die because of this, and at this point people have to be very careful when they are doing these kinds of extreme sports and they have to get necessary precautions otherwise there can be lots of the results that are not demanded by the people and people can get harm because of this. 


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