How many immigrants Canada take every year?

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. They are mostly an immigrant country. It’s possible to find lots of different nations in Canada today. Canada is also a gateway for people because Canadian citizens may goes in to America with only showing driving license. Canada’s total is 9,900,000 km2. Canada is governing by constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Country has 3 territories and 10 provinces. Mining and petroleum industries are the leader in Canada economy. Canada needs immigrants every year. How many immigrants Canada take every year?

Canada is taking over 250.000 immigrants every year. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the main department accepting people. Canada doesn’t have strict rules like Australia for accepting immigration. They have a special economic structure for immigrants so they add important economic power to Canada.
Canada is giving some advantages to immigrants than America and Australia. Main advantage is on the finding job topic. Today it’s only 7.0 of female and 6.3 of man immigrants are unemployed in Canada. Also “income inequality” policy of Canada is very important.
Today it’s possible to say most people immigrating to Canada are Philippines. Also Indian people, China people and others are immigrating to Canada.
There are some immigration categories for country. Economic immigrants are one of them. Skilled workers are the main type in economic immigrants. Family class is immigrants took sponsorship from Canadian families. Refugees are people who need protection from Canada. Also it’s possible to apply Canadian citizenship after lived there for 1095 days.

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