How Many Categories of Nobel Prize Are There?

In the whole world from the beginning of the humanity people have been developing themselves and they are trying to find new inventions and they are developing themselves from the point of literature, music, technology and from the point of much more things. And when we look at the modern world, the people who are good at their fields are prized by the different intuitions in the different regions of the world. On this point in our modern world Nobel Prize is one of the most popular prize in the world it can be said that. Now let’s look at what are the Nobel Prize and the history of the prize in a short way.Nobel-Peace-Prize-medal-002

The History of the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prizes are the prizes that are given because of the bequest of the Alfred Nobel and the dates of the bequest are 27 November 1895 and it is explained in the date of 30 December 1896. First Alfred Nobel’s bequest is explained in the city of Stockholm. In order to prize to the people who are making support to the humanity Alfred Nobel want to give these prizes and it can be easily said that these prizes are one of the most prestigious prizes in the world. First Nobel prizes is started to be given in the year of 1901. And when a person gets to the Nobel Prize him or her getting much money with the prize as a reward.


When we look at from the general point, there are different types of Nobel Prizes and these prizes are given by the different communities. The number of the Nobel Prizes are today is 6. And these are Nobel Literature Prize, Nobel Economy Prize, Nobel physiology or medicine prize, Nobel physics prize, Nobel Chemistry prize and the Nobel peace prize. And each year in all of these fields’ people are getting prizes in accordance with the inventions or the supporting to the humanity. And in each committee there are different people who are the different regions of the world and it can be easily said that these people are experts in their fields. For example, maybe one of the most popular scientists in the world who get the Nobel Prize is Albert Einstein. When we look at the life of the Albert Einstein we can see that he has lots of supporting to the whole humanity and in the year of 1921 he is succeed in to get to the Nobel Prize and this prize is the Nobel Science Prize. The Nobel Prizes are given to the different people who are the different countries of the world. Anybody can get Nobel Prize when he or she make a supporting to the humanity but this support must be great and it must be affect to the whole humanity too much extend. When we look at the time, even the years pass people will not forget about the invention or supporting.


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