How many abortions are there every day?

Abortion is the unsuccessful end of pregnancy on the control of doctor or on a sudden problem. Sometimes some illnesses or other events may also go to abortion. Abortion is one of the biggest problems all over the world. How many abortions are there every day?

There are different reasons of abortion all over the world. But the main reason is social problems. %93 of all abortions all over the world is becoming cause of social pressure or traditions.

Lots of people think potential health problems is the biggest reason of abortions but only abortion rate cause of health problems is only %6 all over the world. Also %1 of abortion is causing by rape.

Every year over 42 million women are making abortion. It’s over 115,000 women per day. 1.37 million of this abortions are on the USA. It’s almost 3,700 abortions every day.

Another interesting rate on abortion is religious. Protestants are on the main step on abortion with 37.4% and Catholics are on the second with 31.3%. No religion woman’s rate is 23.7%.

Most of the women making abortion are under 25 years old in USA. %32 of abortion making women is aged 20-24. Teenagers are 20%. And there are abortion making girls under 15 with %1,2.

Developing countries have the biggest part of abortion rate with 83%. Developed countries have %17 of all abortions. Almost all abortion clinics in the USA accepts pregnant over 12th week for an abortion. Some states pay poor pregnant abortion’s expense.

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