How many people died because of Smallpox disease?

Smallpox is one of the deadliest illnesses for human. It’s only unique in human and causing by two different viruses. It’s firstly seen on 10,000 BC but the first sign we see in history is Pharaoh Ramses V of Egypt’s mummy’s pustular rash. It was middle of 20th century that the vaccine of it found and Global Smallpox Eradication Program read a newspaper in 1980 that smallpox completely eradicated from world. How many people died of Smallpox disease?

There are two virus variants causing smallpox disease. They are Variola major and Variola minor. Smallpox viruses enter to small blood vessels of skin. After a short period, a maculopapular rash starts on skin then it turns to fluid-filled blisters. Variola major is a strong virus and kills 30–35% off patients. V. minor is weaker than it and it causes illnesses like Cuban itch and whitepox. It also kill %1 of patients. If the treatment is not available in a long period, characteristic scars start especially in the face. They stays whether the treatment starts after this period. Blindness is also a result of this illnesses.

There are some epidemics of smallpox in centuries. One of the most known one is on the 18th century. Resources say 400,000 people died of smallpox in the age.

It’s believed that over 500.000 million people died because of smallpox since the vaccine is invented. British people used it as biological warfare tool in 1754. Also Russia opened a smallpox weapons factory in 1947.


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