How Many Different Kind of Horses Are there in the world?

In our world there are lots of animate and unanimated things. As people we are the first animate things in the world from the point of the importance and after the people animals are so important in the world. It can be easily said that like all of the thing in the world people and animals are depended on each other. People can get lots of benefits from animals. People use animals sometimes as their food and on the other hand when we look at the history we can see that people use the animals on their works about the carriage and another thing is that people are using some animals for the transportation. 



On this point we can see that maybe one of the most important animal in this point is the Horse. Horse is very beneficial animal to the people and people are using them on lots of their works. When we look at the appearance of the Horse we can say that it is a noble animal. Long years ago people cant use the horses because of their being wildness and after some time in the year of 5000 BC a community that name is Scythians make the horses tame and we can say that they start to use the horses first and from that time on up to now people have been using the horses in their works. Between the experts there is a speculation about the roots of the horses that are living today and they imply that the roots are based upon the old Asian wild horses but there is no concrete evident for this but the experts again are researching about the roots of the modern horses. But on the other hand some Zoologist say that they are getting their roots from the European wild horses but as we said before there is no concrete evident about these speculations. Average, the horses live between 20 and 30 years and some animals can give birth up to their 15 year. In the world there are lots of different kinds of horses.



When a horse born a few minutes later it stands and starts to follow its mother. Some horses that are used for the races have long legs and on the other hand some of them that are used for the transportation have legs that are strong. When we look at the number of the horses that are available in the whole world today we can say that in accordance with the experts and the last researches there are approximately 267 different types of horses in the world today and it can be said that there are some other animals that are not defined in the world from the different regions of the world. Some horses are very fast and we can see that they can run 70 or 80 km/h in an hour and from this point we can understand that they are very powerful animals not only from the point of the running but also from the point of the transportation.


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