How Many People Are Visiting the Google Each day?

We know that how the internet is important in our day and almost all of the people along the whole world are using the internet each day. In order to do their works or in order to communicate with the people who are from the different region of the world and in order to get information from the internet and on the other hand in order to entertain people are using the internet each day. On this point it is very easy to see the importance of the internet in people’s lives.


When we compare the situation with twenty years ago, we can see that and it can be easily said that we cant live without the internet because in the whole world almost all of the things are done by the internet. And again on this point the people are using the different websites as a result of the using of the internet and it can be said that the most used websites are the search engines. They are very important for the people because in order to find an information from the website they are making researches and as a result of this process they reach the information that they are searching for. As all we know the most popular search engine all around the whole world is Google and by using this website people can reach what they want to know in an easy way and it is the first searching engine all around the whole world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the searching engine of Google first we are going to look to the history of Google.

Google Logo 2010

The History of Google


When we look at the history of the Google we can see that ate first it is settled as a company in the date of 4 September 1998 and after some developments in the year of 2004 it is hosted to the people. From that time to today people have been using it as their assistant almost in all searches and the information from the internet. As we said before people can find information about almost all of the things along the whole world and because of this that is very important website in the whole world. The company is giving lots of advertisements on it inside and because of this fact the company is getting lots of money from the different companies that give advertisements to the website. Because of there are lots of people who are visiting the website each day, millions of people see that advertisements and that is maybe one of the most important way for the companies that do their advertisements. When we look at the people who are visiting the website, in according to the researches that are done currently by the experts, each day over 1 billion people are visiting the Google and on this point again we can easily see that why the Google is so popular all around the whole world.


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