How Many People Are Visiting the Berlin Each Year?

In the whole world there are lots of different cities that are very beautiful and important and each year people are visiting these cities in order to travel and in order to see new and beautiful places.


When we think about these cities from different points we can see that there are some cities that are beautiful from the point of the nature and on the other hand we can see that there are some cities that are beautiful from the point of the history of the city and again we can see the different cities that are popular with their nightclubs and other adventures. On this point it can be easily said that the most important and the most popular cities all around the world are the cities of that are popular with their histories because all around the whole world there are lots of different people who want to learn about the histories of the civilizations and they want to see the historical places of those civilizations on this point each year millions of different people are visiting those cities that are popular with their histories. On this point today we are going to make a short analysis about the city of Berlin of Germany. Now let’s look at the history of the Berlin in a short way.


The History of Berlin


The city of the Berlin is one of the most important and one of the most popular cities in the Europe when we think about the political history of the city. It is now the capital of the Germany and lots of people are living in the city. The population of the Berlin now is 3,5 million people and each day new people are coming to this city in order to live. The city is settled in the year of 1237 and from that time to now there are lots of people who are living this city and those civilizations are different. The name of the Berlin is not a world that are come from the German Language but on the other hand it is coming from the language of Slavic language and it means that marsh maybe it can be the reason of the place of the city in the name of the city. When we look at the politic history of the city, we can see that the city is separated into two different sides after the Second World War and this is very strange for the people who are living in that city and for long years people live in that city as a separate part from each other and in the date of 1989 the wall is destroyed and the country is connected to each other. Because of the wall that are separating the Berlin into two different part that city is very popular and each year approximately  six million people are coming to Berlin in order to see the wall and they are visiting the city.


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