How Many People Are Using Tobacco in the World?

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” In this quote of the Mark Twain, it is possible to see that how giving up the smoking completely is difficult. We see that in the whole world, there are millions of people who are addicted to the smoking and it is possible to say that it is a problem of 21st century. In order to overcome the issue of smoking, there are lots of different solutions that can be done in the whole world not only by the people who are addicted to it but also by the health organizations which are responsible to this issue.plaques_and_tangles_border2

First, it is possible to see that the case of smoking cigarette is a common issue in the whole world and even in our neighbor we can see that most of the people are using the cigarette. When the situation is thought from the point of society, it is very significant problem because almost in all societies there are some people who are using cigarette and there are others who are not using cigarette, correspondingly to this case some problems are coming to the emergence. For instance; the people who are not using the cigarette can be disturbed by the other people who are using cigarette and the children’s health can be harmed by the smoke of the cigarette. When we think about the most important effect of the cigarette to the people, undoubtedly it is possible to say that, the using the cigarette not only harms the people’s health but also it makes the people’s lives shorter. At this point, a question comes to the emergence: If the cigarette is extremely harmful to the health, why do people are keeping to use it? At this juncture, we see that there are lots of different effects of the cigarette to the people. In the cigarette, there are hundreds of different chemicals and it is possible to say that the most effective of these chemicals is the nicotine. When it is thought the different effects of the nicotine, it is easy to see that it has lots of effects to the neutral system. On the one hand, it is relieving the people’s neutral system on the other hand when people get used to it, it is no longer to give it up. In our modern day, the stress is the main problem of the people because the works that people struggle need lots of care and correspondingly people are heading for being a stressful person and as a result of these situation people are trying to pacify their stresses and they are turn towards the cigarette. Briefly, it is very significant issue in our world and it is needed to find solutions in order to deal with this problem. First of all, the health organizations and mass media should raise the awareness of the young people in the different regions of the world. If we want to overcome this problem, first of all we shouldn’t let the problem’s coming to the emergence because of this the prevention of the using cigarette must be our first goal. On the other hand, local governments should decide the people who are addicted to the cigarette and they should help her, these helps can be like to send those people to the health clinics in order to cure or to send them to the psychology clinics to assist them from the point of neurologically. There are lots of different remedies for people in order to give up the smoking and those remedies can be used for those people and they can be provided free by the governments to their citizens. When we look at the number of the people who are using tobacco in the world, we see that there are 852 million people who are smoking in the whole world.



As a consequence, it is clearly seen that, the using of the cigarette is a major issue and when it is compared to the fifty years ago, the world is much more conscious about the adverse effects of the cigarette and the experts and the health organizations in the whole world are hopeful about the next generations’ being much more aware of the negative effects of the using the cigarette. If the governments, health organizations and non governmental organizations are support people to give up the smoking and get much more healthier life, not only those people but also the other people will be prepossessed by this process and the air that we breath will be much more fresh, the earth that we live will be much more healthier and sunny.



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