How Many Paintings Did Leonardo da Vinci Painted?

When we look at the history of the world in order to be relax and escape from the daily lives rush, people give themselves to other works. These works sometimes are music sometimes handcraft and on the other hand they can be painting. When we look at these whole elements it can be said that almost all of them are very valuable from the point of the art because in an art work people are giving their own labors and the work that they complete is a unique work and no body can do that work except for that person or artist. On this point when we look at the history of the world we can see hundred of artist that are interested in art, music, painting or photography. leonardo-da-vinci

When we think from the general point we can count lots of the works that can be counted as art. On this point one of the most important and one of the most popular arts is painting. Painting is very unique art because each artist’s work is different from each other and they are expressing their feelings by using the paints and the toile. It can be said that painting is a window that are done by the painter and by looking this window we can enter the inner world of the painter. Again when we look at the history of the world there are lots of painters that are very popular and known almost all of the world. On this point Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most important painters in world history when we think about the painting field. Now shortly, let’s look at the life of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Paris Louvre Painting 1503-06 Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa 2


The Life of Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci as his original name and he is called generally Leonardo da Vinci is born in the year of 15 April 1452 and he dies in the year of 2 May 1519 and he is a great painter, in his life he has lots of great paintings and after his dying up to the now he is known by almost all of the people in the world thanks to the paintings and works that he done before his dying. He lives in the period of Renaissance and he is from Italia. When we look at his life we see that he is not only painter but he is also philosopher, inventor, architect, mathematician, musician, botanist, geology, writer and painter. He has a versatile personality. When we look at to his works from the point of painting field we can see that he has officially 22 paintings and some people say and accept that he has 30 painting but 8 of them are missing. Again on this point when we look at the his paintings we can say that the most popular and important painting works of him is Mona Lisa and Last Dinner.These two works are known almost all over the world especially the portrait of Mona Lisa is very popular and anybody can see that portrait almost all of the places wherever they go.



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