How Many Obese People Are There in The United States of America ?

As all we know the world is developing each day and especially from the period of the after the time of the industrial revolution the world has been changing too much extend and on the other hand there are lots of new innovations in people’s lives. 


When we think about the innovations about the people, it is possible to see hundreds of beneficial innovations are there in the lives of people but on the other hand when we think about the negative ways of the innovations again we can see that there are also lots of negative or side effects of the these innovations in the lives of the people. Today we are going to make a short analysis about a specific negative effect of these innovations in people’s lives. As all we know like in almost all of the fields, in the field of food industry there are lots of innovations and after the using of the industrial machines it is no longer easy to produce some kind of the food. When we look at the environment of us there are lots of convenience food that are produced by the food companies and when we think about them in a detailed way, in our modern world almost all of the people have to work and again in order to keep their lives to keep they have to eat and on this point the problem starts.


. People have to eat everyday and it is easily said that it is impossible to prepare food everyday for themselves, on this point people are heading to the foods that are convenience or as all we know as fast food. We can think that the fast food can have positive effects when we think about the time of people that they are spending but on the other hand when it is thought from the point of the negative effects of the convenience food, it is possible to count lots of the reasons for not consuming the fast food. On this point, we can say that one of the most important and as all we know one of the most major problem that is all around the whole world is the problem of Obesity. Because of the consuming of the foods that are known as convenience food or fast food, people are getting weight in a unhealthy way and at the end of the process, unfortunately that are becoming an obese person. When we think about our modern world, it is possible to see these obese people everywhere and it can be easily said that there are millions of people who are under the danger of being obese. When we look at the whole world, we can see that the most developed countries are face to this problem and the country of The United States of America is one of that countries. When we look at the figures that is researched by the experts in The United States of America the 1/3 of the adult people are obese and on the other hand 12,5 million children are obese.


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