How Many People are using the metro of Istanbul each day?

What do you know about the different public transportation systems that are available in the whole world? How often do you use the public transportation? In everyday do you use public transportation when you are travelling or do you use your own car or other vehicles? As all we know the public transportation systems are all available in the different big cities of the world and it can be possible to say that everyday millions of the people are using them when they are going to their works or their houses.


And when we think about the practical way of it we can see that it is very useful not only for the people but on the other hand for the environment. First of all think about the situation of the environment and let’s imagine that if everybody use their own car or the vehicles it would be very harmful for the environment because of the harmful gases from the vehicles but on the other hand when people use the public transportation systems it is easier for them to go the place that they want and for the environment it is better for the protection of the ozone layer. Today we are going to give some specific information about the public transportation of the city of Istanbul of Turkey. As all we know Istanbul is one of the most popular, beautiful and crowded cities of course and everyday millions of the people have to go to their works or the houses and because of this reason they have to use the public transportation systems. When we look at the different kinds of the public transportation systems in Istanbul we can see that people can find the different systems. For example; the metro is available, the buses, metrobus and the trains of the Istanbul is very useful for the people but when we look at the whole city of course the most important public transportation system is the metro. When we look at the line of metro of Istanbul we can see that there are two different lines of Istanbul but their distances are very long and because of this reason they are very useful.


In accordance with the statistics that are done by the experts, it is possible to see that each day in Istanbul approximately there are 250.000 people that are carried by the metro and the management of the city of Istanbul says that in the near future the capacity of this metro systems will be increased and the new and more people will be carried by the help of this public transportation systems. On the other hand, it is possible to see that there are lots of the new innovations in the city of Istanbul on behalf of the public transportation and there will be new systems because the population of the city is being increased day by day and the city needs new ones.

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