How many nonprofit organizations are there in the United States?

Nonprofit organizations are very important for a country. A nonprofit organization means people working volunteer to solve a problem and create development. American is the leading country in nonprofit organizations. How many nonprofit organizations are there in the United States?

There are over 1.5 million of nonprofit organizations on the United States now. Public charities are almost 1 million. There are also over 100.000 private foundations and 510.000 other nonprofit organizations like civil leagues.

Every year, %26 of American population is working for charity organizations. They are working volunteer for donations, community works and more.

American society likes to work on religious organizations volunteer. 35% of all contributions are collecting by religious organizations. Educational institutions are collecting %14 of contributions and human service organizations are collecting %9 of all contributions.

It’s very important that American nonprofit organizations’ income and outcome is always in balance. In 2010, $1.41 trillion is income and $1.41 trillion is total expenses. Individual’s charity is the biggest resource by $211.77 billion.

There are also some development steps for nonprofit organizations in the world. But they are only making baby steps now.

In China, there are only 300.000 nonprofit organizations. Lots of them are closed after 2009 crisis because of contributions lack.

Also Canada has some discussions about nonprofit organizations. It’s only 160.000 nonprofit organizations are possible in Canada and this number of  nonprofit organizations are very low in comparison with America and the other big countries all over the world.

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