How Many Hybrid Cars are there in the United States of America?

After the Industrial Revolution thanks to the rapid development of the technology people start to use the steam of engine and as a result of this new inventions come to the emergence. It can be said that maybe one of the biggest and one of the most popular invention is the cars. After the invention of the cars people’s lives become much easier than their previous lives. At first times not all of the people have cars very few people have cars but with the rapid development on the industry and the rapid enrichment of the people along the world when we think about our modern world we can see that lots of people have their private cars.Hybrid-Car


The cars make people lives easy for instance; a person can go whatever and whenever he or she wants with the help of using his or her car. As a result of the widespread using of the cars along the whole world lots of petrol are used every day and again on this point as a result of the widespread using of the petrol, petrol gases are sent to the atmosphere. Consequently our environment is polluted by these harmful gases. Even in some great cities people cannot breathe and on this point as a result of the pollution people are becoming ill. These illnesses are the illnesses that are related to the breath such as asthma, bronchitis and difficulty of breathing. From the history the experts have been studying in this field in order to diminish the negative effects of the using of the petrol. But when we think about the development in this case, we cannot see lots of concrete developments up to ten or twenty years ago but when we think about the last two or three decades we can see the some concrete developments in that area. For example; the engineers produce the cars that are run by liquid petrol gas. Liquid petrol gas is decreasing the gas emission to the world but again there are some negative effects of using it, but on the other hand maybe it can be said that the most popular and the most concrete invention we can say the production of hybrid cars in the world. Now, let’s look at the hybrid cars more closely.



The History of Hybrid Cars

When we look at the using of the hybrid cars we can say that they have almost any damage to the environment. The gas emission in the hybrid cars are very limited and because of this people are choosing to use these cars in their daily lives. Not only from the point of economical way but also from the point of environment way is it very beneficial. When we look at the number of hybrid cars that are used in the United States of America we see that there are 2.126.357 hybrid cars and this number will be increased in the future.


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