How many new features of Resident Evil 6 are there?

Resident Evil 6 is the new game of Resident Evil series from Capcom. It’s hard to classify the game but mainly its category is “survival horror third-person shooter”. Capcom released game for Xbox and PlayStation 3. In this version, story’s coming from Chris Redfield’s perspective. Game took mixed reviews but mainly series fans don’t like it. Many Resident Evil fans believe that Capcom evolved an atmosphere based game to a mainstream action game. Also repetitive action scenes took bad critics from game authorities. How many new features of Resident Evil 6 are there?

Resident Evil 6’s most important feature is changing one of three scenarios and playing on the connected game story. Capcom announced that all scenarios have different design and gameplay. It’s possible to get a friend on game and it’s possible to choose AI or a multiplayer man. Capcom inserted a new feature to game that when a man was playing Resident Evil 6, a friend can join him from internet.
There’s also a fourth scenario but it’s locked. It needs to finish all three scenarios to play it. In this locked mode, gamer plays Ada Wong and no friend helps her. Also new modes like Mercenaries mode and Agent Hunt mode are allowing fight against random enemies.

Game demo took bad critics from all game authorities. But it took Japan game awards also. Capcom is expecting 50 million sales of game but gaming sites found it an impossible dream. After critics of demo, Capcom made lots of improvements for game and release took good reviews. Against all good reviews of official magazines, fans of game don’t like it. Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi made an interview with Official PlayStation Blog and mainly said that it’s not possible to answer all wants of gamers.
Main critics from fans were about atmosphere and gameplay. Former members of series were praising by atmosphere that another game hardly catches but new game of series is a hit-and-run with low atmosphere details. Also repetitive action is the top point of critics. It’s possible to play game from various players’ perspective but story is mostly going to same places for all players and gamer need to kill same monster with same tactic. Also three is the key number. You have to find three keys, three cars and three similar always.
Design is also point of critics. Especially some environments like caves and sea are offering the place in the game development period. But design on huge cities is amazing. Fans reviewed game as “only a little development in gameplay and different control modes.”

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