How Many Car Companies Are There in The World?


The Invention of the Car

As a very important invention, cars’ invention dates back Century with the using of the power of steam as a source of energy and it continues with the invention of internal combustion engines with their using petrol. Apparently, it can be said that automobile is one of the most important inventions in human’s history. It makes people’s lives very easy and with the help of the automobiles’ people can go to long distances in short times and they can go wherever and whenever they want by using their cars. In our modern day, cars are available in everywhere and almost everybody have cars for themselves. Even in a home and in the families which all family members are working, each of the family members have cars, we can say that in our modern world it is a necessity. Automobile industry is used also for transportation of burden throughout along the world. After the WWII, the automobile industry started to expand to much extend and it can be said that the duration after WWII is the beginning of the climax of production of automobiles. In the year of 1907 there were about 250.000 cars in the world and in 1914 with the production of the T model of the Ford this ratio was reached to about 500.000. Shortly before the WWII this number reached to above to 50 million and after the WWII this ratio reached 300 million. From the statistics, we can see the great gap in production of automobile before and after WWII. And then, when we came to the year of 2007, the number of the automobiles in the world passes 50 million and every minute this number is increasing. When we look at the invention of the automobile, we can see that the invention is not found by only one person, in history there are lots of people who supports to the development of the automobile and in today we as a people using luxurious cars. There is estimation about the invention of the car that there are almost 100.000 patents for automobiles’ development in history.


Car Companies in the World Today

When we look at the modern world, we can see that the automotive industry is developed to much extend and there are lots of automobile producer company in the world. There are 216 automobile producer companies in today and they are producing cars, buses, trucks and lots of them. With the developments of technology in century, the industry in this field developed to much extend and in future it will develop and it will come to the standards that we can’t imagine. When we think about the 20 year ago cars’ we can see the great development in the industry in this area and it seems that in near future again there will be lots of things about the car industry. People will be more comfortable with luxurious cars and they will get lots of possibilities because of the development of car industry.


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