How many new features of NBA 2K13 are there?

NBA 2K12 sold over 5 million copies and legend went on a higher step than ever. NBA 2K12 beat NBA Live 12 with its gameplay features and graphics and every year gap is growing between two of them. At last, EA cancelled the new game NBA Live 13 because of “disappointing” development. EA Games made a announcement and company will focus for a revolutionary new basketball game in 2014. It means also 2013 will be totally NBA 2K13’s year. NBA 2K13 is available for PS series, Wii, Wii U and Windows. How many new features of NBA 2K13 are there?

NBA 2K13 made different developments for all gaming areas like XBOX and PC. It’s possible to say some graphical changes but change is mainly of controls.
NBA 2K13 is offering a download package which includes 2013 NBA All-Star Game that will be held in Houston. Features like Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, Best shooter from downtown contest with Kevin Durant and Larry Bird, best dunker contest with Blake Griffin and Michael Jordan are possible. Also Xbox version of NBA 2K12 is a good place to answer the popular question that who wins if 1992 Dream Team and 2012 squad makes a duel. Popular Mycareer mode now includes GM sit-down and custom equipment. Also total control is added for right analog stick. Development on shot styles, signature skills, pass system are possible. Shoe creator and classic teams are interesting features. NBA 2K13 is offering full Kinect support.

Gatorade Biometric Scan is the new feature of NBA 2K13 for Wii U. Now it’s possible to sync gamer’s fatigue to player’s fatigue with this new feature. It’s creating a more realistic gameplay than ever.
NBA 2K13 is offering a developed NBA’s Greatest Mode for Wii
. It includes new teams and new classics. Michael Jordan and ’96 Bulls is one of the most powerful team in this mode. Also a good tutorial for best gameplay in Wii is possible.
NBA 2K13 psp version focus on Jordan. It’s possible to play some unforgettable moments again in Jordan Challenge Mode. It’s the first time that NBA 2K13 offers to play Jordan in 1992 “Shrug” and 1997 “Flu Game.” There’s also a My Jordan mode and it’s possible to rise new drafted Jordan to top. It’s also possible to play him in Derrick Rose’s team. MyCAREER mode allows you to rise from rookie selection.

NBA 2K13 also releases a new edition as “NBA Dynasty Edition.” It’s only possible for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s possible to find basketball-textured controller skin in this edition. Also 2K Sports Ink’d earbuds and all-new All-Star add-on downloadable content are possible.
Producer Jay-Z added three new songs to soundtrack of game as “On to the Next One”, “Public Service Announcement” and “H.A.M”. Also songs like “Run This Town”, “The Bounce” and “Viva La Vida” are used in the game music list.

Also 2K games made a first and add three stars in one cover. Cover includes Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. Game has little differences in gameplay category. Defense strictness is a level up but it’s not easy to make organize attacks. Superstar fouls are still continuing but their number is decreasing in the playoffs. It’s still very hard to make an organize defense but there are still development on it. 2K games work hard for hall and player faces. Especially big players have very authentic faces. There were lots of rumors that Scottie Pippen is not on the game but then fans requested and Jay Z added him again to game.

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