How many new features of 2013 Porsche Cayenne S V-8 Diesel are there?

It was a strict resist of Former Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking against diesel on Porsche but it collected many complaints and problems. After Wiedeking left his position, it’s finally Porsche with diesel. Porsche listened the drivers from heart and developed a new compression-ignition engine. It’s an autobahn-friendly, powerful and strong vehicle that will make Porsche lovers happy. It was V-6 Cayenne before V-8 but it was not possible to say that it pleased all Porsche lovers totally. First of all, people are waiting sports car miracles from Porsche because of its position and brand on market, but V-6 was not meeting the demands totally. Also there were monsters in market like VW and Audi and they were over the Cayenne. How many new features of 2013 Porsche Cayenne S V-8 Diesel are there?

Cayenne S Diesel is not only taking the first Porsche diesel popular medal, it’s only leading on the Audi-designed engine market with 627 lb-ft of torque and 382 hp. This is one of the most praised new feature of Porsche with a big boost. But Porsche also changed some iconic design like exhausts and their iconic voice. It’s not very hard to listen the powertrain inside. But auto lovers can easily feel the power inside.
There are different first tests about 0-100 run but they are not too away each other. Average 0-100 is 5.4 seconds. Top speed of 2013 Porsche Cayenne S V-8 Diesel is 155 mph. It needs to change seven gear to reach this speed. It was 135 mph for V-6. So it means a big improvement on this new model. It’s true that feeling the difference between 125 and 150 is not so easy but drivers can feel it in 80 mph.
Diesel means various things but today’s drivers but it’s mainly fuel save. According to first tests, now it’s possible to go double more than V-6 with a full tank of gas in 2013 Porsche Cayenne S V-8 Diesel. It’s 28 mpg in fuel efficiency list in catalogues but in a city drive average is 25 mpg. Traffic is less and high-speed autobahns are popular in Europe and it will decrease more.


Besides its good powertrain, Porsche company made development on car’s attitude on chassis. We are not living in a perfect world or the ways Porsche is developing its cars. So it’s maybe optional but Porsche Active Suspension Management system is working great on chassis. It was coming with same hardware in V-6 for chassis management but control unit was not so skillful. New system is taking vehicle speed into account while V-6 was only calculating pitch and roll. It’s possible to say that V-8 is more predictable and sure-footed than older friends. Running so fast may close the new Porsche Diesel to Volkswagen brand vehicles. It was a commercial trick that V-6 was not using all-wheel drive but it was using an all-wheel-drive system. It’s now possible to see in V-8 that there’s a active all-wheel drive in car. It’s also using a good balance on car.
Porsche set MSRP of V-8 Cayenne diesel to $98,830 in Europe. It’s true that V-6 Diesel was $20.000 cheaper than it. $98,830 is not high if you want premium car and service. According to first rumors, there will be new challengers in its class and they can set the price level of 2013 Porsche Cayenne S V-8 Diesel. It’s very rare to see Porsche made any discount in any car but it’s true that Porsche was against diesel on its cars.

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