How many types of Atheism are there?

Atheism is including a wide range and offering belief rejection, existence of God. In the 20th and 21st centuries, atheism mainly included no deities’ sense. Atheism ideas are possible to be tracked since Ancient Greek. Ideas were spreading secretly since 18th century and after 18th century, people started to identify themselves as “atheist”. Some belief systems like Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism are accepted within atheism. Today atheists in the world fill 2.3% of the world population. Today there are Atheism types in the world. How many types of Atheism are there?

There are 7 sets and 17 different kinds of atheists in the world. Main sets are Difference in Knowledge, Difference in Affirmation, Difference in Scope, Difference in the Assessed Rationality of Theism, Difference in Openness, Difference in Action and Difference in Religiosity.
Difference in Knowledge is one of the most important sets in Atheism. It includes 2 kinds of Atheists. A gnostic atheist believes that there’s no god. Also he claims and works to confirm God’s absence. There’s an old history of Gnostic atheists.
An agnostic atheist is other kind of atheists in Difference in Knowledge set. They don’t believe in god but they don’t work to claim this idea. Agnosticism starts with Ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras. There were always an argue in history about distinction between agnosticism and atheism and Richard Dawkins claimed that it’s not possible to distinct them.
Difference in Affirmation is another popular set in Atheism. It includes two different kinds as negative atheist and positive atheist. Classification is firstly made by George H. Smith. A negative atheist believes that God may be exist but there’s no proof that God exist and he doesn’t believe to God’s existence because of this situation. A positive atheist believes that God’s existence is not possible. He believes to this idea by giving examples that god’s existence story has lots of conflicts and unreasonable ideas. A negative atheist doesn’t claim and he only rejects. But a positive atheist both claims and rejects. A positive atheist says that “God’s existence is not possible”.

Difference in Scope is other set of Atheism. It includes two kinds as broad atheist and narrow atheist. A broad atheist rejects all gods’ existence stories. He both doesn’t believe in gods like Zeus and Shiva. Narrow atheism idea is today very wide and popular in Western Culture. A narrow atheist doesn’t believe to God who is always good, helpful and powerful.
Difference in the Assessed Rationality of Theism is a philosophical aspect of Atheism. It includes unfriendly atheism, indifferent atheism and friendly atheism. An unfriendly atheist believes that no one is right on the existence of God controversies. An indifferent atheist doesn’t give any idea about believers or not believers are right on the controversy. A friendly atheist thinks that some theists may be right in their ideas about God’s existence.

Difference in Openness classifies atheism in social aspects. There are two kinds of set as closed atheism and open atheism. People in closed atheism class have never talked about their atheist opinions to anyone. People in open atheism talks about his atheism thought to most people.
Difference in Action is the set of Atheism that indicated behavior of atheists in their environment. There are four kinds in this set as passive atheists, evangelical atheists, active atheists and militant atheists. Passive atheists only don’t believe to God but they don’t make any action to influence world on their ideas. Evangelical atheists try to convince people for Atheism. Active atheists fight for the rights of Atheists. Militant atheists use force and violence sometimes to spread Atheism.

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