How Many Muslims Are There In The World?

How Many Muslims Are There In The World?


Muslims are one of the most misunderstood population in the world. Although their holy book always advises its followers to be kind to each other and protect the peace, there are many fanatics in some countries. These people do not have any relation to this religion and they only brainwash the uneducated people to use them. In this article, we are going to provide information on how many Muslims are there in the world. However, before we do so, we would like to provide you some interesting fact about their holy book, Quran.


The world’s biggest Quran has 800 kilos. In 2008, Indian Syed Najmul Hasan Chishti broke a record by creating the world’s biggest Quran. In 2009, a young man decided to break this record by working on this work for twelve hours a day. His plans were to write a Quran which has three thousand meters in length. He was unable to complete it and although he would complete it, another record was going to break his record in 2011. This Quran is 800 kilos and written in Russia. It was adorned with gold, silver and precious stones.


Back in time misprinted Qurans lead to a political crisis. For those who do not know, Muslims believe that the things written on Quran are the words of God and thus, they believe that making any change on this book is a sin. Therefore, it is better to copy the current Quran with every detail. However, we also know that Kuwait misprinted 120,000 Qurans in 1999. The victim was the Minister of Islamic Affairs and Justice. He was accused of changing the beliefs of Muslims and thus, the Kuwaiti parliament had to resign. Other parties claimed that they made this mistake consciously in order to resign and start a new election to increase their period.


Did you know that most of the Muslims memorize the Quran? The children of more than 17 million Muslims attended in Dubai International Quran Awards which was the memorization contest of Quran. The price was 70,000 dollars. In addition to this prize, awards given in the categories such as the best pronunciation and best voice. It is known that most of the contestants participated in the encouragement of their families. Usually, their parents are their trainers. Memorizing Quran is a very important even in the Muslim world. Those who will fully memorize the Quran receive the title of Hafız.


These people will be respected in any country which adopted Islam as a religion. Muslims believe that Quran did not change at all since the first day it was given to them by God. This religion is the religion of respect and love however it was promoted in a poor manner by some fanatics. A real Muslim should also respect to all other holy books sent by the God. Now let’s talk about the amount of Muslims in the world. The total amount of people who believe in Islam is around 1,6 billion in all around the world.

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